1. The Avant-Age Garde I Ams Of The Gal Luxury
    Heroes Are Gang Leaders

  2. Say Hello to Anyone I Know
    Daniel Carter, Daniel Levin, Satoshi Takeishi, Devin Brahja Waldman

  3. Tiny People Having a Meeting
    Clark Coolidge+Thurston Moore+Anne Waldman

  4. Comes Through in the Call Hold
    Clark Coolidge + Thurston Moore + Anne Waldman

  5. Songs for Voice and Mellotron
    Janel Leppin

  6. Ghosts Hang Low
    Max Davies

  7. Jaguar Harmonics
    Anne Waldman, Devin Brahja Waldman, Ha-Yang Kim, Daniel Carter, Ambrose Bye

  8. Untethered
    Anne Waldman

  9. Oasis at Biskra
    Anne Waldman, Daniel Carter, Thurston Moore, Ambrose Bye, Devin Brahja Waldman

  10. Soft Machine Sutra: Live at The Stone NYC, April 17th 2014
    Anne Waldman, Thurston Moore, Gene Moore, Tom Surgal, Samara Lubelski

  11. The Milk of Universal Kindness
    Anne Waldman/Ambrose Bye

  12. Matching Half
    Anne Waldman/Akilah Oliver/Ambrose Bye

  13. Sir Real Live At Resonance
    Brahja Waldman's Quintet

  14. Grand Summer

  15. Akilah
    Akilah Oliver and Friends

  16. The Last Days of Radio
    The Muttering Sickness

  17. El Eco de Mi Canto de Cristal
    Norma Ramirez

  18. Broke Even
    Reed Bye

  19. Long Way Around
    Reed Bye

  20. An Early Spring
    William Considine

  21. The Eye of the Falcon
    Anne Waldman/Ambrose Bye/Fast Speaking Music

  22. Alchemical Elegy: Selected Songs and Writings
    Anne Waldman

  23. Anne Waldman with Max Davies

  24. Ghost Dance
    Anne Waldman/Thurston Moore/Ambrose Bye (Patti Smith Cover)

  25. Fast Speaking Music: Harry's House Archive


  27. Dinner Bell
    Thurston Moore/Devin Brahja Waldman/Ambrose Bye/Eva Prinz

  28. Alone forever Alone
    Ambrose Bye/Daniel Carter

  29. kari edwards Memorial Reading (Baltimore, January 27, 2007)

  30. CAConrad's Lannan Fellowship Performance at Marfa Book Company, February 15th, 2014

  31. Going Vocal-Un atlelier d'Anne Waldman et Ambrose Bye, Casablanca 2015

  32. Song of What?
    LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs's 2017 Naropa SWP Workshop

  33. Dakini Poetics & The Irreparable
    Anne Waldman's Workshop SWP 2017

  34. Anne Waldman's 2015 Naropa SWP Workshop

  35. Steven Taylor's Song Works: SWP 2016

  36. Steven Taylor's 2015 Workshop Naropa SWP

  37. Artists Recording Artists
    Ambrose Bye's 2014 SWP Workshop

  38. Charnel Ground
    Melissa Buzzeo & Bhanu Kapil's 2014 Naropa SWP Workshop

  39. Reed Bye's 2014 Naropa SWP Workshop: Eyes to Horizon
    Eyes to Horizon

  40. Red Lineage
    Khadijah Queen's 2014 Naropa SWP Workshop

  41. Erica Hunt & Marty Ehrlich's 2013 Naropa SWP Workshop
    Erica Hunt, Marty Ehrlich, Curtis Romero, Carla Campbell, Eric Bitsui, Willette Farley


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