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The Avant​-​Age Garde I Ams Of The Gal Luxury

by Heroes Are Gang Leaders

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The Avant-Age Garde I AMs of the Gal Luxury for James Brandon Lewis Let’s aim, aim at I, I, aim at I, I am an eye gone off discourse, a sin gal count-ten-you-us ho ol’, so ought-not autism be an antidote, Medieval and Vaccinated. Art not an Op within an Op within an Op arriving in the form of medical Mercury, tea ill the tongue like a slap of the new thing, Slap Toooooooongue, mutates its own multiple gen rays––the knowledge that manufactures knowledge from knowledge un-tell and told, every unit of-the-universssssse, bandstand urgenccccccy, free and can read changes, free and can receive an edited diseased birthright, and bloated and King-modified Bible, pineal and bland andvacantofallalieninvolvement. Legit. Legit, Legit Feelnicians, Ought not Art a Snowden, Ought not Art a Snowden...helping us off-planet, nope, vocal and vocabulary-angry as a Spy-eye of...Seal Teams, NopeNopeNopeNopeNope, not the micro tonal Fathers of Gold Blowing, the ones who, “off the top,” the ones who “of/f/f the top,” coded the nice sound with––fluttering systems, with a fluttering system ofWE Weapon-eyes concerts,ofWE Weaponize Concerts reaching into the aesthetic bloodbath just to find the noted, contributions of folk nearest a calcified vacation of Disclosure, the (!!!!!!) “I” (!!!!!!) and in the middle of structure, the WILD free flow, you won’t hear if you lack respect for what the Spirituals hide, they hide, you know the Spirit trolls hide, they hide, not just the Blues they hide, not just the Red, White and the Blues, they hide every dimension of reality including the day the day woke up, in !! FIRE Music !!, remember Jimi and his guitar !! FIRE MUSIC !!, sliced by competing time, unable to identify some of the flavor of DNA tampered...with...the Stupidest Intelligence, but you can’t quick-quote-quilt it, or pump a gun umbrella near it without hearing your sensitivity...rating destroyed by a paper-clipped Destroyer bound for memory editing, !! WHERE !! At Alchemy U the Great White Fathers taught-your divine-a-phone derived to die or ride a phone to die in a body-double getaway vehicle during the War on Verbs, WAR ON VERBS, but how is that a Doomsday... Seed Bank comparable to Atmospheric Ayler, ALBERT AYLER, Seed Bank comparable to ALBERT AYLER, off the stage, outdoors, off the stage, outdoors, in Hous !! ton LIKE you were a rocket janitor who had just cracked the Poppy code, LIKE you were a rocket janitor who had just cracked the poppy code, bysittingon,atleast,threepanelsofconsciousness, pre paradigm reboot and having no emotional-body capable of accessing cellular records, a deception so Mole hunt-ish, it must have been commissioned, unsuccessfully, and infiltrated by the sexy, sex text, sextet of both chains of custody, especially certain Southern, , , , So Viet Nam female birds, So Viet Nam female birds, So Viet Nam, So So So Viet, SoSoViet Nam, So Viet Nam female birds ––her body bag to body, her body to Bell Lab, her helicopters, A fake break-in, her helicopters––I’m talking about Lady Bird Johnson I’m saying it to her face even though she’s dead, Bell helicopters, !! LBJ !!, a fake break-in, a forced resignation. Eat a Impeach. At least the widow lived, famously, and in service of their secret. WHAT IS IT...ABOUT EARTH, WHAT IS IT ABOUT EARTH!!? or what Earth won’t used to be, Or what Earth won’t used to be...that won’t let any of this go, and what a good ballot a, and-what a good ballot, and-what a good a bailout makes. W-h-a-t...a...goooood ballot a b-a-i-l-out...makes Ok! Let’s aim, OK aim at an I, Aim at I, OK a smoking gun! The Pope, The Pope, The Black Pope, The White Pope, The Old Pope, The New Seizure, The New Caesar, The Pope collects slow limos and meteorites, The Pope collects slow limos and meteorites, The Pope, The Pope, Okeh, the Earth won’t left this go. TSE 2015


Recorded over a two day Period in July 2015 (by four members of HAGL: Thomas Sayers Ellis, James Brandon Lewis, Margaret Morris, and Luke Stewart) at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics as a tribute to Beat Poet Bob Kaufman, this session also features performances by guitarist Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth); Devin Brahja Waldman (drums) and the Queen of No Wave Retro Virus, Lydia Lunch. A few weeks later, in an NYC bedroom, Randall Horton (vocals) and Ryan Frazier (Trumpet) added their forcefields and purifications to the brew. Conjuring a sound to follow up their recordings for Amiri Baraka and Gwendolyn Brooks, HAGL might have resurrected a bit of the celestial equations of Sun Ra in their own controlled and outrageous literary fashion


released July 13, 2017

Thomas Sayers Ellis (Re Verse Sir)
Margaret Morris (Mz Vo Call Soars)
James Brandon Lewis (Xas-O-Notes)
Luke Stewart (Brown Ground Tar Gut Base)
Ryan Frazier (Bazooka Knife)
Randall Horton (Corner Man)
Lydia Lunch (Diss Box)
Thurston Moore (Tonic Elder)
Devin Brahja Waldman (unUncle Tom Toms)
Dereke Clements (Verbal Ecstasy Moment)
Ambrose Bye (Psy Sound Ops)
Max Davies (Guru Board Gamer)
Composed by JBL and HAGL
Arranged and Produced by TSE
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Ambrose Bye
Fast Speaking Music/Flat Langston's Arkeyes 2015


all rights reserved



Fast Speaking Music New York, New York

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